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🎉 Meet Claros 🎉

Your website's very own AI-powered sales assistant, online 24/7 to help all your customers find what they are looking for

TLDR: Claros adds conversational AI search to websites!

Search for any product 🔎|

And find the perfect fit

How It Works

    1. Set the product that you want to look for.
    2. Chat with our bot Claros, who will help you narrow down your options based on your responses.
    3. After every chat, a couple of products are recommended that meet your criteria.
    4. And within the span of a few words, Claros will have found you exactly what you requested on the site.
    5. Press more items to see the full list of recommendations!

Want Claros on your Site/Store? 🙋‍♀️

Enterprise Plan Comes With

Pick however many of these options you need:

    1. Standalone site for you i.e. "your company name" like
    2. Chatbot that you can embed directly on your existing site
    3. Backend access for your own custom frontend
    4. Add your product catalogue to our consumer site Claros

And get:

  • Unlimited chat messages
  • An AI-powered adaptive sales clerk available 24/7 on your website
  • Index on your products for any type of marketplace
  • Have a different domain than shopping? No worries! Claros can also recommend software products and other intangibles!
  • Priority Support

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